Musical initiation and guitar

Florence Martin-Vallas,

guitar teacher  (State Diploma) offers you:

  • musical games, piano accompaniment and guitar lesson
  • musical initiation: small percussion instrument
  • Guitar, classical repertoire and songs

I worked at the artistic musical center in St Genis Laval (near Lyon) for many years.

"Six silver and skyly wings are tightened on my guitar. With them, I leave the earth to go and speak with the stars." Poem from Argentina.


I use Carlevaro method and Suzuki pedagogy to give you the chance to play with tools adapted to each one.

Within one hour of individual lesson, you will discover its efficiency for every levels of learning. You will be able to practise these games during weeks and even months if you want to progress.


Play with all the sounds and play with small percussions, it will make you appreciate and experiment your own talent. Your musical dream will become real and positive: you will be aware that your dream comes true when playing your beloved instrument.


Private lessons in LE PIN or by internet in VIDEO

1/2h: 20€