Favorite visits

Discover the treasures of our beautiful countryside: the 4 top things to do 

the Chartreuse Cellars




Discover the longest liquor cellar in the world.

Taste the products of the distillery of the Carthusian fathers at the end of your visit.


Only 20 mn from the cottage.


Château de Virieu



Discover its middle age outline, where several cannons were left by King Louis XIII, during his visit in 1622.


10 mn only from the cottage.

charavines's market

Every sunday from 8 am to 12 am.

You can find organic producers (Yvan & Marie) and local products (Farm of the unknown Valley) of good quality:

  • Farm chickens from Siñorine & Manuel Pinto and their delicious olives.
  • Salamis of Catherine, 25 different varieties of artisanal production.
  • Goat cheese of Violaine & Sébastien.
  • "Au Grain d'Or", you will discover various type of coffee: one coffee, whose cafeine content has been removed by natural means, several kind of teas (ex. organic tea) and herbal tea (ex. Piña Colada). You will find more information on their website: cafe-ou-the.com

Ballad with lamas


Go for a walk with André and his lamas, no matter your age, you will be delighted.

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